Freeview Digital Switchover & Set Top Box

By 2012 the UK will have completed one of the most ambitious changes in the history of television broadcasting, and it is important for every television viewer to get ready for the digital switchover. When the digital switchover comes around all old analogue television signals will be switched off, replaced with higher quality digital signals.

The change to digital only broadcasting will happen on a region by region basis, but as of today most viewers in the UK already have access to digital television signals. In fact Freeview television broadcasts are already widely available to households in the UK, and these digital broadcast can open up a whole new world of TV viewing.

Digital signals have a number of important advantages over their old analogue counterparts, including greatly improved clarity, superior picture quality and greater reliability. Freeview TV viewers also have access to a wealth of enhanced services and features, including a number of interactive games designed to enhance the TV viewing experience.

Freeview digital set top boxes are designed to make the magic happen, and these boxes can provide a wealth of features not currently available with old style analogue signals. For instance, many Freeview set top receivers are able provide UK television viewers with features such as advanced programming guides. These programming guides allow viewers to instantly find out what is on and when, making it easy for viewers to find their favourite programs.

In addition to current programming, these Freeview set top boxes allow viewers to see television schedules several weeks ahead of time, as well as a handy digital programme timer that makes it easy to schedule television viewing in advance. Viewers who need subtitles and teletext can also use their Freeview set top boxes to accommodate their needs.

In addition to the benefits outlined below, Freeview set top boxes also give television viewers access to a full 48 channels of digital quality television programming, as well as 24 channels of radio channels. These radio channels provide listeners with a superior listening experience, while the digital television broadcasts provide the best in digital quality picture and sound.

Television viewers who want even more from their television viewing experience may want to take a look at the many advantages of the Freeview+ receiver and recorder. The Freeview+ receiver provides all of the benefits of the standard Freeview set top box, along with some great additional features.

For instance, would you like the ability to pause, rewind and fast forward your favourite television programs as you watch them? With the Freeview+ receiver you can do just that. Television viewers with Freeview+ receivers and recorders can also record their favourite television programmes while they are away, meaning they never have to miss their favourite shows again. No matter where they are television viewers can watch their favourite TV programmes on their schedule, not the networks’.

Best of all, the benefits of the Freeview+ receiver are available with no monthly charge and no subscription. These benefits are free of charge to viewers who choose a Freeview+ digital receiver.

Television viewers with Freeview and Freeview+ receivers installed on their sets will also be able to enjoy the best in HD programming. With a wide variety of HD programming coming within a year, it is never too early to get ready for the next wave in the television revolution. With all these benefits it is no wonder so many people are opting for the many benefits of the new digital revolution.

Aerials & Satellites can supply and install a wide range of digital tv aerial and satellite tv systems for UK home viewing, including Freesat, Freeview and Sky Digital television.

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Image by NASA Johnson
S127-E-007094 (20 July 2009) — This is one of a series of digital still images showing astronaut Dave Wolf performing his second spacewalk and the Endeavour’s second also of the scheduled five overall in a little over a week’s time to continue work on the International Space Station. The equipment floating in front of Wolf is tethered to his spacesuit. Astronauts Wolf and Tom Marshburn (out of frame), both mission specialists, successfully transferred a spare KU-band antenna to long-term storage on the space station, along with a backup coolant system pump module and a spare drive motor for the station’s robot arm transporter. Installation of a television camera on the Japanese Exposed Facility experiment platform was deferred to a later spacewalk.

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