Becoming familiar with the UK Digital Switchover

Starting in 2007 the whole United kingdom began to be switched over from analogue television signals to digital television signals. In order to proceed to obtain TV programming, it will certainly become required to buy a Freeview box that will grab digital TV signals. The particular switchover is scheduled to be completed in 2012. During this time all of UK will probably have access to digital television via the Freeview receivers. One factor to make note of is that as your region makes the whole transition to digital you need to re-tune the Freeview box. Regarding precise instructions concerning how to re-tune ones box you can visit the Freeview Internet site.

Why is there a switchover to digital to begin with?

Well for starters digital signals accommodate a better, more lucid TV signal. An additional advantage tends to be that digital signals use up much less space on the signal spectrum that permits for more room to be available for wireless, broadband, and high definition television streams. In the event that you are questioning the moment the digital switchover is going to impact in your area, it is easy to visit the Freeview website and put in your current zip code and find out. At this time the switchover is on schedule meaning that the southern region portions of the UK should be transitioning the coming year.


You will discover quite a few benefits to the digital switchover over and above creating more room on the broadcast spectrum. Viewers are going to have the means to access to a lot more stations and the channels will come through with much better picture quality in addition to enhanced audio. Interaction is yet another great feature that’s unavailable with analogue signals. Specific shows generate extensive usage of this interactivity and much more are going to employ this characteristic as the digital switchover achieved its finalization. Additional programs may also be qualified to add functions for many who have problems with sound or perhaps visual problems.

If you’re headed out shopping to organize for the digital switchover it’s great to be aware what to search for, so your TV you buy will be compatible with the digital signals. One particular element that shows up on many goods that tend to be appropriate for the digital switchover is often a “digital tick.” This kind of symbol continues to be added so that it is simpler for customers to notice the type of product or service they need to buy. Whether or not you are looking for a new television set or a receiver you should search for the “digital tick” symbol to make sure that the item is appropriate after the switchover.

The digital switchover provides several different positive aspects as it gets closer to its conclusion. In order to benefit from it you need to make some purchases for those who have not already done so. HD TVs at the moment are at a selling price where almost any person can afford one, therefore if the time is right to get a completely new set then go on and upgrade to HD with the knowledge that you will not need to change again any time soon. A Freeview or Freeview HD box will let you appreciate the many excellent programming that’s available on the digital broadcasting spectrum.

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The NORAD of ABC in Austin
digital television
Image by Stuck in Customs
When I went up to have an interview in the ABC Newsroom here in Austin, a gentleman there named Ed Sparks was nice enough to take me back to the inner sanctum. Ed is a frequent here in the community (hi Ed!) and quite the camera enthusiast. Before and after my live appearance (from a few weeks ago), he took me back into this control room so I could set up for a shot. As usual, I’ve uploaded the full-res version so you can see all the little details in the room. To see the full-res version, just click on the photo to go to the Flickr site. Click on "All Sizes" at the top of the photo. Last, click on "Original".

They explained to me how the room worked and how everything was customizable. The crew can pull in whatever feeds they need and position them on the screen accordingly. They even can save templates, since each producer that comes in and out during the day can have their own setup. It was quite fascinating to watch these guys operate in precision… I had to catch myself and remember to take photos, since I would sorta stare at the screens at get mesmerized for a bit!

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