Switch to Digital TV Slows Down

The plan to switch to digital television in the United States has been in the works for years. But with the deadline in February 2009, some states have stalled the process.

The United States Congress has postponed the deadline for all states to go digital until the middle of June 2009, though hundreds of stations managed to make the change on time for the original deadline, while some even had permission to turn off their analog signals early.

The problems thought to accompany the switch were not seen everywhere – big cities in California made the switch with minimal problems, as fears surrounding blank screens and pixelated images refused to materialise. According to some reports in the media, the number of complaints that followed the switch was much lower than anticipated.

Months of public service announcements and outreach has left many people aware that the programming would be switching over. The Federal Communications Commission had previously spent months touring seniors and community centres to discuss the change. What’s more, according to a recent study, about five million households – totalling just over four per cent of the country’s population – were unprepared for the switch.

Television owners who already receive cable or satellite TV service will be unaffected by the switch, as are those who have recently purchased new television sets that can receive digital signals. It’s those who own older television sets that will be affected, as they have to purchase a digital converter box.

Recently, an agency which provided vouchers for converter boxes was reported to have run out of money in January, and many retailers sold out ahead of time, leaving many owners unable to watch TV. These difficulties led the government to postpone the absolute deadline for all stations to have switched over to digital. Countries around the world have been following suit, with the United Kingdom planning to make the full switch before the end of 2012.

The benefits of digital television have been touted, as the switch increases the number of channels available. Some digital programmes will become more interactive, and more services will be available to those with visual and audio impairments. Those with digital television will also have more options when it comes to watching shows no matter when they air. With advancements in digital TV recording, services like Sky Plus provide the option of digitally recording shows for viewers to watch at a later date through devices like Sky boxes.

Of course, it may take time for the digital switchover to be complete, but there are clearly many advantages for television owners when it eventually takes place.

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