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A Digital TV Antenna Installation Lets You Enjoy 17 Freeview Channels

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Television technology has grown leaps and bounds over the years: Plasmas, LCDs, LEDs and now Smart TVs have replaced the traditional analogue television sets we have been used to. We are able to enjoy clearer, life-like pictures and distortion-free, crisp sounds thanks to advanced digital reception capabilities. Along with the advancements in TV technology, the reception technology has also evolved. The humble TV antenna has been replaced by its digital counterpart who beams plenty of free-to-air television stations, also known as free-view, to most Australian households.

If you have an analogue television set, you don’t have to buy a new TV. A digital antenna installation is what you need. Together with a set top box, you can enjoy all the new stations that follow a different frequency bandwidth as well as all the analogue stations you are used to watching. Many Australian cities have benefited from this transition and people are now accessing 17 or more quality free-view channels without spending an extra dollar. Get in touch with a certified antenna installer in your area and experience digital TV reception at its best.

Hire digital aerial experts and enjoy TV the way it’s meant to be

But why choose someone else when you can do the installation yourself? The answer is simple. You won’t have to worry about fidgeting with complicated equipment or climbing onto rooftops to change over aerials. In addition, experienced service providers are able to precisely evaluate your digital aerial needs to ensure you get the best possible reception for your viewing pleasure. They also make sure you have access to all the latest digital stations like Gem and 7 mates without having to spend extra cash for a new TV.

It’s time to call in the experts if you haven’t experienced digital television yet. They will be able to supply you with a compatible digital TV aerial which will amaze you with the range of new stations at your disposal. The number and quality of the new television channels is comparable with pay television; so, if your television doesn’t have digital technology, you are surely missing out on all the free benefits. Kick back, relax and enjoy a wide variety of new TV shows you didn’t even know existed. Dial a reputed installer and feel the difference digital technology offers today.

What more can you expect from your antenna specialist?

Here are some of the other benefits of employing the services of digital antenna specialists:

Professional installations backed by a full, no-fuss warranty

Qualified technicians

Local franchises for prompt, flexible service schedules

Digital TV upgrades

Antenna systems

Home Theatre set-ups

Industry-leading equipment and cabling

Telephone and computer points

Video Intercoms

Security SystemsAntenna installers know TV antennas inside out and help you get the best reception possible with a quick turnaround time. Their technicians are fully insured to work in your premises so that you don’t have to worry about compensating for any damage from your own wallet. Why waste another day watching limited, free-to-air stations when you can enjoy the full bouquet of digital and free-view channels with a simple installation?

James Taylor has worked with some of the leading consumer durable companies in Australia. He is also a TV antenna expert and is associated with a technology magazine where he writes a column on making sense of the digital revolution.

One Nation Under CCTV
digital television
Image by tj.blackwell
“What kind of world we are creating? It is the exact opposite of the hedonistic Utopias that the old reformers imagined. Something huge, terrible, and glittering—a world of steel and concrete, of monstrous machines and terrifying weapons.” George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty Four


It’s been a while since I opened up Photoshop for a bit of cheeky image editing, so here’s the latest experimental result! This one depicts a very British dystopia. George Orwell remains an infinitely quotable chap for this sort of subject, and I highly recommend his thought-provoking literary works. ‘Nineteen Eighty Four’ was a truly visionary undertaking – it foreshadowed the concept of a surveillance society long before the development of modern day technologies that would make it all possible.

Britain is leading the world when it comes to CCTV. It has one and a half times as many surveillance cameras as communist China. The exact number of them in the UK is not known but an estimate in 2002 counted the figure at well over four million. The methodology of collecting such statistics is rather vague but reasonable research suggests that our country now has one camera for every 14 people.

The security infrastructure being created, whilst valid in many respects, presents a plethora of worrying possibilities. The coupling of CCTV cameras with facial recognition algorithms that track people through crowds, read registration plates and log all this data for future use is handy for current civil enforcement but leaves the door open for the state of the future to have profound levels of control over society.

(Thanks go to Richard Dawkins and the editors of Boing Boing for using the image to illustrate this article and sending lots of visitors here as a result.)

Digital Antenna Experts Help To Get the Best Out Of Your TV


The history of television in Australia is said to be pretty interesting. The uptake with the introduction of black and white TV was pretty slow. However, when color television was introduced, people flocked towards it. The recent years in the past saw the launch of digital television, followed by the need for digital antenna. These antennas ensured that the users were able to receive all the latest programming content that was available through digital TV.

What are the various reasons that may stop you from getting the most out of your television?

You finished all your daily chores, all set to enjoy your favorite television program, or a long awaited live sporting event, but end up getting frustrated because you miss it. Why? Well, bad television signals! Nothing surely can be more annoying than this. There are primarily 3 reasons that can cause TV reception problems. These are:

No Signal: sometimes, if the devices are not plugged in correctly, the television is not able to receive any signal. Sometimes, several equipment are interconnected in an integrated audio visual set up, the problem may be in one of the cords, in a new piece of equipment that you may have recently added or your set top box.

Weak Signal: the kind of reception you get will be based on the type of signal, i.e. analog or digital, that the set up of your television allows receiving. Analog broadcasting is being phased out quite progressively. Thus, it is important to upgrade digital TV and digital aerial to avoid weak signals, and indistinct or grainy receptions.

Location: if the location of the television is very far from the nearest TV transmitter, there may be problems in reception. In such cases, the positioning of the antenna plays an important role in ensuring that the television is able to get the maximum reception.

There are various aspects and solutions associated with all such situations. Fidgeting around with the antenna yourself, is surely not advisable in such cases, neither will you be able to get the desired results. There are TV and antenna installation experts who ensure that you do not miss your programs due to bad television reception. They help to install your television, whether you need TV wall mounting, or placed it on a cabinet or stand, and they make sure all the connections are made perfectly, to avoid signal problems.

The years of experience that these professionals have, equip them with excellent analyzing capabilities of signal problems. They can analyze the problems, and help you with just the right solution to improve your TV reception. They exactly know where to place your digital antenna so that it is able to receive perfect signals from the television transmitter. Thus, if you do not want to keep receiving poor TV picture, or even sometimes miss your favorite shows, it is advisable that you seek help from reputable television and antenna installation professionals. Their experience and expertise in handling almost every kind of television and antenna, makes them capable of resolving almost all kinds of problems related to your TV or antenna.

James Taylor has been in the digital antenna and television installation industry for many years. He has seen the various technological advancements happening in the television market. His articles help to analyze the various issues TV users may face, and what best can be done to solve them.

Melanie and Digital Television
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The newest innovation of our television viewing experience has finally come here in the Philippines! ABS-CBN recently launched the ABS-CBN TV Plus. A transition from grainy analog to a more clearer television.

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