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The different viewing options for digital television – Sky TV and Freeview


Once you have moved into a existing or new property, one of the first things that may be on your (or at least your children’s) minds is to get the TV set up. There may seem to be an endless list of options out there for watching television, but believe it or not, there are only three main options. Watching digital television is slowly moving into the future, where (between 2011 and 2013) analogue systems will be switched off, leaving home owners with three options for viewing TV. Below we will discuss these options, and which are most ideal for you and your family.

One of the more common options is having Sky television in your home. This is done by having a satellite dish and decoder set up in your home by a Sky technician. An extension of Sky is Sky multi room – this gives you the opportunity to watch different channels in multiple rooms of the home. This comes with a monthly charge from Sky, and if you are looking for a cheaper option, Sky distribution may be the option for you. This allows you to watch Sky in as many rooms of the house as you want, and an infrared system can give you the opportunity to change the channel too.

If you don’t need as many channels as what Sky offers, you can choose satellite Freeview. Satellite Freeview is best for people with any type of television, and requires a satellite dish and decoder installation by a technician. This will give you 19 different channels, and (just like Sky), these can be distributed to a number of rooms in the home.

The final option is terrestrial Freeview. This option is for people that own televisions with built in Freeview. It requires a UHF aerial to be installed, so that you are able to watch high definition channels. HD televisions provide a much higher resolution than average television, and are the way to go if you are looking for the most crystal clear picture.

If you need help deciding what option is most ideal for your household, consult your local aerial and satellite technician. They can visit you on-site, access your property and discuss your digital television options.

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