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Go into the future with digital television


There is nothing like coming home at the end of a long day, sitting down, and enjoying a bit of television. Or, if one works nights, the anticipation of catching a few of the morning shows is the perfect way to unwind before catching that afternoon nap. Digital television enhances these experiences. Unlike analog, digital provides a wide variety of channels and programming; it also delivers multimedia and other electronic services. Then there is the picture quality. Digital television exhibits high-definition features that are nothing like what one experiences with analog. Colors are deeper, contrasts are sharper, and sounds are clearer with digital. One gets true home entertainment value through this rich new television medium.

Digital television is delivered through a satellite receiver; and the quality of the receiver is what determines the quality of the picture. Needless to say, not all receivers are the same. But one of the best units on the market is the Dreambox 8000. This receiver is High Definition, and it includes pluggable tuner modules and a DVD drive. The Dreambox 8000 is known for producing excellent screen quality and for being especially easy to install and operate. Most vendors selling the unit include a one year warranty; although the Dreambox 8000 is reliable, it is important to have the assurance that one can return it if one has received a defective unit.

Digital represents a leap forward in home recreation. There has simply been nothing like it in television before. The Dreambox 8000, for example, includes plug-ins, which gives the unit multi-functionality as an entertainment system; one is able to play and video games, or engage a number of stream media at one’s discretion. Nowadays, one has a great many choices as to the kind of information or amusement one wants at any given time; it is therefore important to have an ability to switch quickly from one forum to another. With its robust adaptability the Dreambox 8000 is the perfect receiver for 21st century play.

The other thing one is naturally concerned with in choosing a digital receiver is cost. Digital technology is fast becoming ubiquitous. Soon there will be few places that don’t offer digital and, perhaps most importantly, even fewer places that do offer analog. This greater technological fact has driven the overall prices of digital satellite receivers down. It therefore behooves those looking for deals on digital to be diligent, for one can find competitive prices if one looks carefully.

The worldwide web is a good place to begin. A 21st century entertainment system is best found using a 21st century shopping system. Fortunately, there are many web-based firms that offer great deals on digital receivers like the Dreambox 8000. Such companies usually allow one to purchase the unit over the web and can be relied upon to package and ship the box expeditiously. As mentioned before, the world is going digital. If one is thinking of making the transition, now is the time. Get ahead and discover the joys of high definition television and multimedia capability.

Digital represents a leap forward in home recreation. There has simply been nothing like it in television before. The Dreambox 8000 is known for producing excellent screen quality and for being especially easy to install and operate. For more information about this unit please visit http://www.dreambox-8000.com.

wow! digital television!
digital television
Image by J. McPherskesen
taken with my cell phone for project 365, 2009. see the original photo on posterous, or the whole collection.

Brits in Hollywood: a Look into the American appetite for British television


British talent has long been making tracks in Hollywood, particularly in the realm of television. From scriptwriting to on-screen talent, Brits continue to succeed in selling, developing and importing British television to the US.

But it’s no surprise as to why. The American appetite for British television is sizeable. This spring and summer, American versions of I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! , Merlin, and Who Do You Think You Are? will make their debuts on US television. Moreover, with shows like Dancing With the Stars (Strictly Come Dancing) and Wife Swap featuring on US channels, it’s clear that British ideas have become a staple of American television.

The experts have noted that past success with British shows and talent has opened US broadcasters up to British ideas. An established talent agency also said that the American openness to British ideas is recognition that the world has become a smaller place. It was stated that there is much less US arrogance about what might and might not work and that audiences don’t care if it was originally a UK show – they will watch any good television.

Yet it’s not always so simple to break British talent into the US. For instance, Who Do You Think You Are? was first sold to a US channel four years ago, but it initially failed to make any progress. Eventually, it was aired after a popular US television and movie personality helped the show take off in the United States. It has been noted that the case with Who Do You Think You Are? demonstrates the difference between British and American television – in Britain, a good format can sell itself while in America, shows usually have to have somebody famous on board as well.

However, rewards are very different in US television versus in UK television. In Britain, a comedy writer can get between £5,000 and £15,000 an episode, with six episodes in a series, while in the US, a writer’s fee can be anywhere between $ 50,000 (£35,000) and $ 250,000 an episode, with 22 episodes running.

Still, success is a big ‘if’. Very few programmes get past the script stage to a pilot show, and even then, only about 10 per cent make it to air. It subsequently takes at least three successful series before a programme is considered profitable. But once a show gets past all this, it has a decent chance of becoming a hit.

Whether you’re a fan of UK television or US versions of UK programmes, you can catch all your favourite programmes via a satellite television service. Satellite TV usually offers a wide range of channels to choose from, so you can take your pick from both UK and US-adapted British shows. And if your satellite service is paired with digital television, even better – you can watch the best of British TV while enjoying a superior image on your digital TV.

Paul McIndoe writes for a digital marketing agency. This article has been commissioned by a client of said agency. This article is not designed to promote, but should be considered professional content.

Imagine the Future
digital television
Image by Viewminder
Imagine ‘becoming’ a digital camera.

Imagine that whatever you looked at… whatever you thought about… whatever you dreamed… whatever you felt…

that an image could be created from that.

A real image.

Stored and transmitted.

Imagine that your eyes are the lenses to that camera.

That your brain is the processor.

And imagine that system working in reverse as well.

Like television…

only ‘feelavision.’

Imagine a reality that’s not too far away.

We are on the edge of knowing so much.

A great paradigm shift is close.