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Digital Tuners: A Must While Switching From Regular To Digital Television


As most of us know by now, the transition has begun as we all slowly make the switch from regular analog television to digital television. In some years to come people will notice that the cable will be gone forever and only the digital television will prevail!

As a lot of people have come to accept the shift it is becoming more and more outlandish. The settings in the analog television cannot be changed to anything more than just the color. So goodbye to your analog TV if you love it and don’t want to part with it, because eventually you’ll either accept digital or you won’t watch television. This is not a problem for a lot of people as they are very happy with the clarity of the digital television than the earlier analog one.

The proper equipment will be needed for your television if you plan on watching digital TV. It is a choice that one wants to make from so many varieties that are present like terrestrial reception digital cable TV or the satellite TV. It is the digital terrestrial TV that is the latest craze as a lot of people are preferring it now. It is quite complex for the persons staying in remote places as they need to go in for an upgrade when the signal is very weak. This is the downside about digital terrestrial television; it is not certain to work in all areas, especially areas that do not have a large population in that particular region.

It is the digital tuners that is one of the most advanced addition to the equipment of the digital television. The tuners of the digital and the analog television are quite dissimilar. The earlier televisions and VCRs had their tuners inside them. As the television and the VCR have to be in congruence while watching the digital TV one has to even change the digital VCR. For taking up the subscription one has to choose the right kind of digital television service. You can also get more than one tuner and a video recording set from reputable companies. There is so much advancement in the technology these days that one can record one program while watching another so that the program is not missed.

As you can see so far, there are some great benefits and more options with digital television. While the switch can make you displeased when you accept it you will soon realize that it is a lot better than the old analog television you had. Even if the new equipment that has to be purchased costs more it will be a wise decision as one can really have the pleasure of watching television in a happy way. Another thing to take note of on the positive side is that you will receive a lot more channels because digital television has a low bandwidth.

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Tokyo J – Tokyo Skytree Tokyo Sukaitsuri 02
digital television
Image by Daniel Mennerich
Tokyo Skytree Tōkyō Sukaitsurī is a broadcasting, restaurant, and observation tower in Sumida, Tokyo, Japan. It became the tallest structure in Japan in 2010 and reached its full height of 634.0 metres in March 2011, making it the tallest tower in the world, displacing the Canton Tower, and the second tallest structure in the world after Burj Khalifa.

The tower is the primary television and radio broadcast site for the Kantō region; the older Tokyo Tower no longer gives complete digital terrestrial television broadcasting coverage because it is surrounded by high-rise buildings. Skytree was completed on 29 February 2012, with the tower opening to the public on 22 May 2012.

The tower is the centrepiece of a large commercial development funded by Tobu Railway and a group of six terrestrial broadcasters headed by NHK. Trains stop at the adjacent Tokyo Skytree Station and nearby Oshiage Station, and the complex is only 7 km north-east of Tokyo Station.

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Why The United States Is Switching To Digital Television Transmissions


Right now the United States is in the process of converting all television transmissions from analog signal to digital signal. Switching from analog to digital offers numerous improvements and advantages. One of the primary advantages is the amount of data that can be broadcast. When using a digital signal you can broadcast far more actual data than you can using an analog signal over the same amount of bandwidth. There is also a large movement to High Definition TV; to be able to take advantage of the benefits of HDTV it is imperative that the US switches to digital transmissions.

To transmit a signal for HDTV can require up to five times as much data as a standard television signal. In the frequency range allocated for television broadcast there is not enough open bandwidth to transmit that much data via an analog signal. To accommodate more HDTV transmissions more and more transmissions in the US will have to be digital.

It is possible to greatly increase the amount of compression applied to the data within the signal with digital transmissions as compared to analog transmissions. Digital transmissions use the Mpeg 2 standard of compression; with this compression technology it is possible to compress the data as much as 55 to 1. The standard is what is known as a “lossy” standard, which does mean that there is some quality lost. However the final quality is still far superior to the NTSC standard currently used for analog television transmissions. The Mpeg 2 standard is already the standard compression used for DVD’s and digital satellite stations.

The final quality of a digital signal is far superior to an analog signal for several reasons. First as stated earlier the Mpeg 2 is a superior technology to the NTSC and creates a better product before it is transmitted. Secondly digital signals do not allow for any loss of quality during the transmission. Analog transmissions are transmitted as a wave signal, which allows for signal degradation during the transmission. Digital signals are a series of 1’s and 0’s and only require that the signal be strong enough to be received. As long as the signal is received then the data will be a perfect reproduction of the data that was originally transmitted. With an analog signal though as the signal power decreases so does the quality. The weaker the signal the lower the quality of the image that is reproduced by the television receiver at the other end of the signal. This is what causes static and “snow” when you watch anything broadcast with an analog signal.

Because of the improved quality and improved flexibility in broadcast format there are many good reasons for the US to make the switch to digital. Over the next several years more and more stations will change to a digital signal instead of analog. Soon there will be few if any stations still broadcasting an analog signal.

By Steve Welker:
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Boy, I feel so outgunned today — But I’ll get up and fight back, anyway
digital television
Image by thomas lieser (thomas-lieser.smugmug.com)
Main Street Eyes by Iggy Pop
This whole country is scared of failure.
My head keeps trying to sell me ambition.
But in my heart, I want self-respect.
There’s a conflict.

Boy, I feel so outgunned today
But I’ll get up and fight back, anyway
You and I aare not huge mainstream stars
But unlike them, we’re really what we are

We got Main Street eyes
Watchin’ as the big boys roll by
Under rotten television skies
We got Main Street eyes

I saw a kitten squashed in the street
I read about a plastic surgeon and his art collection.

We are played for suckers all the time
Phony rock and roll
It’s a crime
I don’t want to dip myself in trash
I don’t want to give myself for cash

We got Main Street eyes
Tryin’ to do what’s decent with our lives
Under funny television skies
We got Main Street eyes

Walkin’ around sometimes
I see a tension under the surface
People are just about ready to explode.

So hold me, and trust me
I love you, don’t worry.
Keep your Main Street eyes
Keep your Main Street eyes
Keep your Main Street eyes